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Selling quail eggs in Illinois


Our quail egg bin runneth over!

We have hit a groove and are looking into selling the eggs in Illinois. Step One is determining the laws. This post is a summary of what I have found so far. Please do not take it as hard and fast truth (laws change and I’m not a lawyer). Your local codes may be different.

We are directly on the Wisconsin border, so I am researching laws for both states. Also keep in mind this is for Coturnix quail, specifically Texas A&M, which are not a native species.


The Illinois Department of Agriculture doesn’t regulate the sale of quail eggs. It only regulates the sale of chicken, goose, duck, turkey and guinea eggs. (SeeĀ 410 ILCS 615/3.13)

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources doesn’t require a permit to raise or sell (birds or eggs). This may be different if you’re releasing as game.


The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture doesn’t require a license if the eggs are sold directly to consumers who come to the farm.

I couldn’t get in contact with someone from the WI DNR, but was told elsewhere since I won’t be dealing with live birds and am not a resident, there shouldn’t be any problems.

So, there you have it. Quail eggs (from Coturnix quail) are pretty easy to sell in Illinois!


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